Super Laser Racer

Take part in thrilling spacial races



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Super Laser Racer is a game mixing action and speed in thrilling races in a geometrical world.

The game offers 12 circuits ans 4 tournaments in which you'll compete riding onr of the 12 different vehicles included.

The game is not only about speedbut you'll also have to fight versus the rest of challengers using weapons like bombs, mines, missiles, plasma cannons or laser. You'll have to use them to be the first.

The game also offers a circuit creator so you can extend the game as much as you want. That's really funny because you can create your own circuits and challenge the rest of competitors to race on your track.

In short, Super Laser Racer is an excellent game that will give you hours off fun. Itcombines perfectly the spirit of races and that spicy touch given by weapons.
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